words –thoughts.reflections.insights.feelings.memories.people.events.travels — these become a symphony, becoming a part of me, which i am sharing now.

Pain…. Courage….


AS A CHILD, you were with me.

Bumps, cuts




But Mom and Dad were always there to soothe my aches.

AS AN ADULT, you never left me.

Heartaches, disappointments

Frustrations, anger

Betrayal, broken promises

Mental anguish

Emotional outburst

Physical illness

But I am alone to battle these.


I  NEED you to win over PAIN.

I need you to move on.

I need you to stay alive.



Your smile –

What happened to its warmth?

Your skin –

When did the radiance fade?

Your lips –

How did it lose its luster?

Worries –

Are you the culprit?

Old age –

Are you approaching quickly? and quietly?

Or next life –

Are you near?

you have been with me

since i was a tiny creature

never left me and stayed for generations

even with my own children.

3cay bks 1

4cay bks 2

1ayeen bks1

2amiel bks

you educated me

molded me

kept me company

especially in moments of solitude.

5kris bks 1 final


6kris bks2

you made me smile

(though sometimes let me shed buckets of tears).

you inspired me

squeezed my creative juices.

8photo 2

9photo 3

you never gave me heartaches

never lied (just told me as it is)

never talked back

never quarreled with me

10photo 4

never waged cold wars

never doubted me

never gave up on me!

books recvng area

you truly are my bff!


we will stay!

one blow

disappointment —

why does it happen?

despair —

how can this be?

head bowing

chest bursting 

tears rolling

spirit crushing.

fairy of fairness, where art thou?

lady of justice, why art thou in hiding?

king of integrity, arise from your sleepiness!

queen of chances, bury yourself to obscurity!

olds songs best pic

timeless pic






Old songs  

remind you of…

       your first crush

       your first flowers and chocolates

     your first love letter

      your first date

      your first kiss.


Old songs  

bring back memories of…

      unrequited crush

      love went awry

      hurting moments

      stinging frustrations

      heart-pricking events.


Old songs 

trigger flashback of…

      rainbow-colored days

      enchanting nights

      ecstatic times

      nirvanic happenings

      unforgettable bliss.

Old songs

never fail to touch…

      your mind

      your heart

     your life

     your being

      your soul.

Old songs… they never grow old.


(For my dear friend, Shirely, and for relatives, friends and other people who have lost a loved one.)


Grieve not

Over my leaving.


Be happy for I am free.


I am everywhere.


See me anywhere.


I am in the garden

Where flowers bloom

To bring happiness all around.


I am in the rainbow

To say “hello” to sunshine

After the rain.


I am in the clouds

To serve as a cloak

From the scorching heat.


I am in the stars

To keep the night ablaze

Amidst the darkness.


I am in the moon

To lighten up

The ebony sky.


Hear me anytime.


I am in the music

To soothe weary souls

When the world seems to fall apart.


I am in the raindrops

To bring a song

When the air is enveloped in deafening silence.


Feel me always.


In the sunlight

To give warmth and life

When the shadows loom in your mourning.


In your tears

To refresh you

As you struggle for my loss.


In the touch of loving hands and arms

To comfort you

As you bid me dieu.


I am everywhere.


Grieve not

I have not left.


I am in your memory.

I am in your heart.

I am in your soul.

humans are we

we are human beings.

we have our

masks to cover our flaws

towers to protect our vulnerabilities

walls to keep us safe.


cannot cry our hearts out

dare not weep

are afraid to expose our weaknesses.

since as human beings

we have

terrifying memories that won’t fade

old wounds that cannot heal

skeletons that refuse to come out.

but we are human beings

we can

fight our own battles

weather our inner storms

stand proud after our falls.

we are human beings

we are capable of

believing in our strengths

loving our own true selves

hoping for God’s image to be revealed in our human forms.

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